Collected Stories 1990-1991

Collected Stories 1990-1991

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This promo package is in paperback book form with a CD inside the front cover pocket. The 5.25" x 8" 65 page book contains short stories by JWH.

All books can be personally signed and dated.



1 Bastard Son
2 Here Comes The Groom (Live, otherwise unreleased)
3 Bridegroom Blues
4 The Rent
5 You're No Good
6 Long Gone Dead
7 The Red Rose And The Briar
8 An Audience With You
9 I Can Tell (When You're Telling Me Lies) (Live, otherwise unreleased)
10 When The Sun Comes Out
11 Fifty Fifty Split
12 The Person You Are (Live, otherwise unreleased)
13 The Movie Of Your Life