Awake (CD)

Awake (CD)

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The Appleseed reissue of JWH’s 1998 gangsta-folk classic contains the original album remastered, plus five extra tracks, including a duet of “Wreck on the Highway” with Bruce Springsteen.



  1. Good Morning (I Just Woke Up)
  2. Your Ghost (Don't Scare Me No More)
  3. Window Seat
  4. Burn
  5. It's All My Fault
  6. Sweat Tears Blood and Come
  7. Poor Heart
  8. Miss Fortune
  9. Song I Wrote Myself In The Future
  10. You're Looking At Me
  11. You So & So
  12. I'm Staying Here (And I'm Not Buying A Gun)
  13. Good Bye (Late O'Clock)

Plus extra tracks

  1. Wooden Overcoat
  2. Jackson Cage
  3. Punch 'n' Judy
  4. I Just Woke Up
  5. Wreck On The Highway