Among Friends (by David Lewis)

Among Friends (by David Lewis)

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AMONG FRIENDS, the fifth album by David Lewis, is available in a beautiful vinyl edition from this very site. Produced by Wesley Stace, Among Friends features a cast of stellar musicians including Chris von Sneidern, Jesse Sparhawk, Robert Lloyd, Dag Juhlin, and Patrick Berkery.

It is also available digitally from 

Please enjoy a video for Unswept Leaves at

The first 25 ordered copies will come with an otherwise unavailable CD of the complete album.


1. Fixed Star

2. Unswept Leaves

3. Three Sides

4. Whisper to Me

5. What's True

6. Softest of Years


1. Close the Circle

2. Time to Dream Again

3. Temporary King

4. Best Made Plans

5. Tread Lightly

6. Life Swirls